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Seton Academy A Las Vegas Preschool & Kindergarten

When a child begins school, his world changes. School becomes the place where ideas and concepts build upon each other, and each day brings the opportunity to learn something new. At Seton Academy Preschool, we believe a strong foundation is the best way to ensure future academic success.

Seton Academy is a private preschool and kindergarten for young children in Las Vegas Nevada, where fun and creativity combined with a structured curriculum create an ideal atmosphere for nurturing early child development. The program will also be flexible enough to meet the needs of the individual child.

Las Vegas Preschool - Seton Academy 


Send your child to Seton because...

  • Family owned since 1963
  • Longest licensed preschool in the Las Vegas valley
  • Nurturing, loving and academic environment
  • Seton Academy was named "Best in the City" by Las Vegas Magazine
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios